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10-06-2008, 07:39 AM
:ninja: ... They tried.

I am one who disses the O-line, but, I have to hand it to them. They did their job, for the most part. Except for Ware. They should have popped his collar bone.

The defense played very well, considering who they were up against. ... wait, I can;t give them too high of a grade, because not many defenses will give up a 30 yard prance into the endzone, on 4th and 4. ... and, T.O. should not have been able to get on ESPN highlights, as a gift from the Bengals. It doesn't add to the credibility and respect of the team. Also, ... :nervous: ... why is Odom here? I think Takeo Spikes would have been a better waste of money.

I was proud of the fact, that the team had the gazangaz to do that onside kick. It surprised me, and I'm not easily surprised. That was the game turner. BUT, ...

I bet Perry felt terrible sitting on the bench alone. I bet he wanted to retire, right then. Poor Michigan lil' guy, beef up and hold the ball, as if you have seen the Tiki interviews, .. LIKE EVERYBODY ELSES HAS, WHO HAS AN INTEREST IN 21ST CENTURY FOOTBALL!

... <_< ... um, excuse me....

Chad looked good. I think his confidence is coming around. I can;t understand why Henry was not a factor. I can NOT understand why you would throw that ball to Ben "never catch a ball when you want me to" Utecht. What was THAT? Has he ever seen an endzone? :hmm: ....... :rotf: ..... :scared2: ...... and we were wondering if the Colts were gonna snatch him back from us... geez. They were probably laughing their patooties off when they heard how much this team would pay him. That guy has dropped more balls than, ... (oh, it could have gotten really gross right here) , than, ... he has not dropped them. What does he do, exactly?

It seems as if, everyone knows the Bengals defense's weakness, except the Bengal's defense. THEY OVER PURSUE! They did it last year. They did it the year before. It's like, you are watching a bunch of clowns sometimes. By the way, explain to me why Odom is here.

.... Why was Thornton blocking a man, the other way, ... away from the play, as if he was an Offesnive Lineman, ... :nervous: . instead of running after the guy with the ball? He was about 15 feet away from the running back, with his back turned to him, ... and not because someone forced him to do it. Why?

Sims, ... Shirley, ... :ninja: ... they can't play in any reindeer games? They wouldn't be potent on just a few plays? I think because the whole defense is trying to compensate for the lack of force in the middle of the D-line, they make themselves weaker in other areas. Isn't it time now? I feel good about next year.

11-5 isn't impossible, especially after a game like that. They basically shot themselves in the foot. Take back that forth down play. Take back the T.O. play. Take back the Perry fumble. Bengals win. Take back one of those 3, and ... they win. Mistakes kill a game.

10-6 isn't impossible. They've already gone through the toughest part of their schedule. Favre throws interceptions. I see good opportunities on the horizon.

9-7 might win the AFC North. Ya never know. Things are pretty ruff in the AFC north, right about now. I believe it's up for grabs. Lemme tell ya, Brady is out for the season. If there is any such thing as an "open window of opportunity," ... it's now.

No major injuries. Team is coming together. Eliminate koo koo nest mistakes. There's no way this team can get 16 goose eggs.