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Klotsch Exchange recipes, talk about movies, comment on Jessica Simpson or anything you want. Just do it here instead of ruining someone else's football-related topic.

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Old 04-06-2012, 05:17 PM
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Default Re: The hypocrisy of the NFL and some members on this thread and website.

Originally Posted by BengalYankee View Post
Well said my friend. It is contradictory even as old as last year when the NFL had an image of James Harrison's hard hit on a player and making $$$ of it, but also fining Harrison for the same hit.

I liked the swag of the old Oakland Raiders and Houston Oilers, but I never liked the result they did to a player like the breaking the nose of Russ Francis or the paralyzing of Darryl Stingley.

People might like the image of the mafia, but never the actual murders of the mob. Teams can call themselves "Pirates", but never really like true Pirates, whether it be Pirates of today or yesteryear.
Speaking of Harrison, recall the stir after he said something to the effect that "he wants to hurt people"...

Imagine all the panties in knots if he would have said something like this:

" got an angle on him, he should go to the hospital, and that is exactly what I tried to do..
.no remorse in my heart, I tried to put him in the hospital every time I tried to tackle him...
so every time he came over I tried to tear his damn head off"
-Deacon Jones HOFer

At 1:33 of the video:
Top Ten Pass Rushers #1 Deacon Jones - YouTube

Originally Posted by gmdino
Because MORE elected officials should take that stand they are elected to defend the law..not the bible.

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