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Old 12-03-2012, 12:41 PM
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Default SEC championship notes

Found a very good break down of some of the players in the SEC championship game. Its missing a few players I am interested in but still a very good read. Some players of note to me.

DE Cornelius Washington 83
-Beats Kouandjio on an upfield rush and disrupts a run forcing it to turn back inside where Ogletree was waiting
-Showing good power off the snap
-Is able to bull rush both Kouandjio and Warmack on the final drive of the first half to flush McCarron
-Tips the pass that nullified a big pass interference call on Branden Smith
-Busts through the line and blocks the FG that Ogletree recovered and returned for a TD
Overall: Im all over this prospect because I really think he’s poorly cast in UGA’s 34 scheme. He’s a LE in 43 scheme in the NFL who will use his size, length, and power to be very good.
I have thought that as well. I really like this kid early in the year and would love to see him as Geathers replacement if Edwards from LSU is gone. He is currently being rated as a 5th round OLB and at 6’4” and 268 Lbs I think we could make a solid DE out of him.

ILB Alec Ogletree* 9
-Great backside pursuit to help make a tackle on third down
-Came all the way across the formation from the backside
-Plays backside contain perfectly so when Yeldon cuts it back he is waiting for a TFL
-Gets flagged for a very iffy roughing the passer penalty, gives Alabama a free first down inside the 5 yard line
-Fills the hole and stops Lacy dead in his tacks right at the goal line, impressive hit
-Sheds Williams block but can’t make the tackle on Yeldon who rumbles for a first down
-Blocked FG bounces right to Ogletree and he was off to the races for a TD
-Out ran everybody else on the field, incredible acceleration
-Violent tackle in the hole, throws Yeldon, and himself, to the turf
-This time takes a violent hit from Yeldon but holds on and take him down
Overall: Ogletree was UGA’s defensive MVP for me, he was all over the field and he both delivered and took some of the hardest hits Ive seen all year. His athleticism is off the charts and if he leaves early for the NFL then you can expect him to go rather high.
Hopefully this is our first round pick. Very good coverage skills. Incredibly athletic. Could step in at MLB or even play SAM. Room to add muscle without affecting outstanding speed.

TE Michael Williams 89
-Shows he’s more than just a blocking TE as he catches a ball in the flat
-Motions to FB spot and does a good job to get to Ogletree and make a block
-He can’t sustain the block but doesn’t allow Ogletree time to get ready for Yeldon who runs right through him
-First helps to clear out Jones on the outside then releases to the 2nd level to block Shawn Williams and clear the path for Lacy’s TD run
-Kicks out and takes Sanders Coming completely out of the play on the Cooper bubble screen
-Gets beaten by Washington to the inside on the blocked FG
-Takes on Jarvis Jones one and one and is able to seal him off from the running lane, springing Yeldon
Overall: Williams is a throw-back to the classical TE breed that used to populate the NFL. He is an in-line blocker who loves to get his hands on defenders and open up big holes for his RB. He was the unsung hero tonight making big blocks all over the field.
Big powerful blocker,with serviceable hands. Reminds me a bit of a bigger Reggie Kelly. Should be able to be had with a 5th or even 6th if we are lucky.

SAF Robert Lester 37
-Lowers his shoulder trying to make a big hit on Gurley and misses
-Takes a poor angle just two plays later and Gurley runs right past him like he isn’t even there
-Came up pre-snap into the box and then is caught in no man’s land as Murray throws over him to Rome for a TD
-Good read from the box to see the bubble screen and get into the flat to make the TFL
-Over pursues Gurley on a rushing attempt and misses another tackle
-Completely lost in coverage as he bites on a corner route that the WR never even faked, meanwhile WR runs a post route and is wide open for a huge gain
Overview: Im not sure of any prospect who has gone from as high as Lester was coming into his junior season to as low as Lester sits right now. Lester has had a poor season and really needed a big game on this stage but failed to do so. His bad angles, willingness to give up the corner, and struggles with coverage all continue to plague Alabama’s defense.
At one point I thought he was the 2nd best safety in the country, Unfortunately that is not even close. Just a very disappointing season .

We asked him about the time he fumbled without being hit and the time he threw an interception without being pressured and the other pick he threw -- under pressure but stupidly off his back foot toward double coverage. All of that happened on three consecutive possession, a 10-minute fusillade of fail that turned a one-possession game into a blowout loss...

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