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Smack Talk Talk trash with fans from opposing teams. Have fun guys and gals, but keep it clean.

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Old 12-12-2012, 07:56 PM
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Default Re: Way To Go Texans

Originally Posted by neek View Post
Yes it does. He's openly stated that his girl left him for Jake Delhomme. What do you do when your girl leaves you? You get back out there and date. What is one way to do that? Post on a dating site, using the same user name that you use when you come to the Bengals message boards and talk about much you love shooting guns and cheering for every team in the league,

There you go, problem solved.
I don't cheer for every team in the league - just the 4 I mentioned. Also, they got my age wrong. I'm not 39. I'm in my mid-20's. Also I only go to the range to blow off steam. It's not like I'm a gun nut who likes to shoot guns for the hell of it. Ammo isn't free. Who likes to burn money these days?
Originally Posted by rfaulk34 View Post
You're not coming out of Detroit with a win. lol
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Old 12-12-2012, 09:23 PM
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Default Re: Way To Go Texans

Apparently,...that isn't coltsfan. He and Morning Star must have hooked up or something because she shared this rather intimate photo with me in his defense.....

Originally Posted by Morning Star View Post

Turn out the lights, the party's over.....
They say that, 'All good things must end'
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