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Old 01-13-2013, 07:33 PM
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Default Fifth Quarter: season in review

I found a decent read, although im not sure if its been posted.


Offense: There are those rare times when a 14-yard reception will generate gasps from fans and cause Bengals radio analyst Dave Lapham to exclaim, “he must be a Martian!” But that’s what happened during the third quarter of Week 4 at Jacksonville when A.J. Green fully extended to his right, had great hang time and came down with an Andy Dalton bullet on a glance route.

Said receivers coach James Urban of the play: “It sounds funny, but the thing we’re most proud of is he took all the steps he was supposed to take on that route. That’s a route in

the past he’s cut short and he’s taken five steps. He took all seven steps on it and as soon as everyone is hooting and hollering, I was like, ‘you took all seven steps.’ And he said. ‘Yeah coach, I told you I took seven.’.”

Defense: In the Week 12 game against Oakland, defensive tackle Geno Atkins set the tone for Carson Palmer’s return to Paul Brown Stadium with a sack of Palmer the first time he dropped back to pass. Atkins blew past Raiders right guard Mike Brisiel and then planted Palmer into the turf on what was supposed to be a screen pass.

Michael Johnson sacked Palmer on the next play and the rout was on.

As defensive line coach Jay Hayes said often of Atkins this past season: “If you leave him one-on-one, he’s going to make you look silly.’’


Marvin Lewis doesn’t call players out in public, so much so that when you ask him directly who had a missed assignment on a play, he will quickly do a swim move on you and move on to the next question.

That is why many thought that someone dressed up as Lewis came in for his press conference on Halloween and said of Andy Dalton and Rey Maualuga: “We’re looking for our quarterback and our middle linebacker to take hold of our football team, and I think that’s important for us. I think both guys are such good people, that you’ve got to be a little bit of a (jerk). We have to really look in the mirror and move forward. That’s big for us.”

As much as Lewis took umbrage over the fact that the words “called out” and “taken to task” were used when describing his comments that is exactly what they were, not only to Dalton and Maualuga, but the rest of the team.

After those comments the Bengals went 7-2 the remainder of the regular season and made the playoffs. Dalton and Maualuga also improved even though there were some periods of frustrating play. It also showed not only the rest of the team but to fans that more was expected of the season.


0: Touchdowns allowed by the defense on opening drives. The Bengals were the only team to do that.

7: Touchdowns by the offense on their first possession which was tied with Atlanta for best in the league.

162: Receptions by A.J. Green, which is second-most in league history for a player’s first two seasons. Marques Colston of New Orleans had 168. Green’s 2,407 receiving yards are sixth-most among players in their first two seasons.

.594: Andy Dalton’s regular-season winning percentage (19-13), which is the best in team history for any quarterback with 10 or more starts. Virgil Carter stands second at .545 (12-10) and Ken Anderson is third at .529 (91-81).

42.0: Punter Kevin Huber’s net average, which bettered the team record by nearly three yards. Dale Livingston averaged 39.3 in 1968. Huber’s net average ranked fourth in the NFL, and his gross average (46.6 yards, also a team record) was 14th.


Winning record? Check

Another playoff trip? Check

Progress? Check

A playoff win? (blank)

If the Bengals marketing department is looking for a theme for the 2013, here’s one – No Excuses! It is not going to be a young team any longer. The offense must be better, other receivers must step up, Andy Dalton must make better decisions and the running game needs more consistency. On defense, the pass rush must remain intact, there needs to be improvement at linebacker and the secondary needs to get younger.

The Bengals will have a lot of salary cap room and could go into free agency with the most money. On the field, they’ve made the playoffs three of the past four years. It is time to start acting like a perennial playoff team off the field too.


“Joe, I just can’t wait to get off your next list that you put before me. I’m going to look forward to next season so I can get off that list for you. You just keep building the lists and we’ll keep knocking them down. I thought we had this one knocked down, and I was looking forward to knocking down that one for you. You guys always seem to find the negative of things, and I’ll keep trying to look for the positives.” – Marvin Lewis, when I reminded him that an 0-4 postseason record puts him in some not so great company.


Feb. 20-26: NFL Scouting Combine

March 12: Start of free agency

April 25-27: NFL Draft


Vital offseason

For the Bengals to make gains

Will they use it well?

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Old 01-14-2013, 02:57 PM
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Default Re: Fifth Quarter: season in review

Solid enough review. I think following the Houston debacle, a lot of us forgot that there is a lot to shout about, about some parts of the team. Providing we keep Zimmer and most of the defensive guys, then there's no excuses for our defence to not rank highly again. Special teams were pretty much great. Offence is obviously the weak spot, I think most of our offseason moves have gotta be focused there. An experienced (and good) WR, another RB, and something to get the o-line to pass protect. Playcalling could be a lot better too.

Poor first 8 games or so (even at 3-1 we didnt look that amazing), but we were a solid football team there out. Offence stalled as the season went on, defence got better as we went. I dont think we're far away from winning in the playoffs, we just need to click better as a team and play well in all 3 phases at the same time.
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Old 01-14-2013, 04:32 PM
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Default Re: Fifth Quarter: season in review

I like Joe Reedy but wtf is the obsession with bad/pointless haikus by football writers? Across the world are Japanese poets signing off with mediocre and meaningless NFL analysis?

Has anyone ever read Reedy, or Peter King at SI, or any other NFL writer and thought "well, that football insight was fine, but I think what would really help me is if the writer awkwardly expressed a bland thought in exactly fourteen words"?
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Old 01-14-2013, 06:38 PM
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Default Re: Fifth Quarter: season in review

Actually it is a Reedy ripoff of Peter King.

Peter King isn't too bad at it. Reedy pretty much blows at everything.
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