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View Poll Results: Which AFC team(s) have the most work to do in the offseason?
Bills 7 33.33%
Dolphins 2 9.52%
Patriots 0 0%
Jets 10 47.62%
Chargers 4 19.05%
Raiders 14 66.67%
Chiefs 14 66.67%
Broncos 0 0%
Bengals 6 28.57%
Ravens 1 4.76%
Steelers 3 14.29%
Browns 6 28.57%
Titans 6 28.57%
Jaguars 11 52.38%
Texans 0 0%
Colts 0 0%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 21. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 01-25-2013, 11:28 AM
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Default Which AFC teams have the most work to do in the offseason?

Which AFC team(s) have the most work to do in the offseason if they want to get better?

You may vote for more than 1 team.

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Old 01-27-2013, 10:09 AM
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Default Re: Which AFC teams have the most work to do in the offseason?

I think the Browns are permanent members of this list....
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Old 01-27-2013, 10:37 AM
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Default Re: Which AFC teams have the most work to do in the offseason?

all playoff teams but the Bengals sitting with 0 votes.

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Old 01-27-2013, 10:44 AM
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browns Re: Which AFC teams have the most work to do in the offseason?

New York Jets
They don't want and are stuck with Mark Sanchez, did nothing with and are going to release Tim Tebow, and Greg McElroy was probably their best QB this season.
They need a QB, RB's, a WR, always a need on O-line, and they want to trade their best player in Derrelle Revis. They've got a ton to do.

Oakland Raiders
They got Carson so the best plan would probably be to wait on a franchise QB and just build a good team around him and then swap him out for a franchise player a few years down the road. He's still a good QB although he's completely turned into that dangerous gunslinger that throws a ton of touchdowns and a ton of interceptions. They have some pieces to work with, but they have to make smarter business decisions.

Kansas City Chiefs
Andy Reid's in town and he can develop QB's very well. They need a good OC to call the plays. This team has talent and in their division wouldn't surprise me if they made a run for #2 in their odd division next year. Do they roll with Cassel, sign Vick, trade for Foles, or draft someone high? I'm interested to see what they do at QB.

Cleveland Browns
Hit the reset button again. They've built a tremendous staff, but the QB spot is still in flux. I think Weedon has a very nice skill set and wasn't absolutely horrid this year, they just should never have spent a 1st round pick on a 29 year old rookie. I honestly still think Colt McCoy is the best QB on this team and while he isn't a franchise QB he could win with enough talent around him. He didn't do so bad before with nothing at his disposal. I expect they bring back Derek Anderson and go with the training camp winner. There defense is strong, but I wonder how well the transition goes. I think this team will be much better next season at least it seems like they will.

Jacksonville Jaguars
They've been a very bad franchise as of late. They were never great, but they were always a team that could beat you any week. Not anymore they are one of the worst teams. If it was me I would definitely sign Tim Tebow if it was just for the jersey sales. I think he'd make a great gimmick and backup QB if you tell him his role and do what you promise him. I'd cut Gabbert and role with Tebow, Henne, and 2nd round rookie. They still have MJD and talent on the roster they just had no signal caller.
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Old 01-30-2013, 07:10 AM
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Default Re: Which AFC teams have the most work to do in the offseason?

The menu should have:

Why because the Panthers got the top QB, while Dalton, and Keapernick have both found success, their QB hasn't lead them to even 8 wins in a season, but 1st overall within 3 years you your franchise QB should of lead ya to a playoff game, by 5 they should of at least won the division, and with that division he should be able to do that! But no the less he doesn't look to have a playoff appearance in his first 3 years, and with Keaper and Dalton doing so and getting picked a whole round later thats a little more pressure on him, they need to something because the 2 backs are top backs, they got a WR, and a TE, their defense is pretty good, so they need to address problems!

The Raiders, well gave two top picks for Carson Palmer, and nothing has came from it, Releasing the QB that almost took them to the playoffs, if he didn't get injured! They got a first round in the top half of the league this season, even know they let their top CB(dont ask me to type his name) they still had a pretty good defense, their secondary was actually their top side of their defense! However they didn't have Mcfadden for most of the season, that is not a valid excess because thats their story almost every season, so they should of put more thought in letting Bush go, or replacing him! WR core, well someones always injured their.

Now the Chiefs, well we saw Cassell with the pats, looked good first season with chiefs then we say the Cassell of last year and this year and didn't look great, hell Brady Quinn got the job! Maybe not bringing back Orton wasn't smart, they need to bring someone in to at least battle Cassell, because first year on a team it is like battling so maybe thats all Cassell needs, Defensive Line is the same story as always, it *****, someone needs to learn not to draft them busted! With a defensive minded head coach, fired, would figure it would be hard to pick on the defense but it was one of the easy ones, but he didn't draft Jackson and the rest of the DL.

The Jets!!! Well Sanchez, and then Sanchez very ugly season this season, the acquiring of Tim Tebow!! Then to top it off, Sanchez struggles in the pre-season, Rex Ryan says Tebow is not challenging Sanchez, the job is Sanchez. The season begins they do terrible lead by the QB not being able to do anything, Rex doesn't try to give Tebow any starts, and to top it off he would put him on the field be hide center just to run! Jets fans, Jets owner scream for Tebow to start, hell they would rather see McElroy start then Sanchez! Sanchez gets pulled, McElroy comes in and wins the game for the Jets! Then Sanchez comes in the next game, Tebow throws one pass no completions, still ends with a better QB rating then Sanchez. Next game McElroy said to start, McElroy cant play, so the QB who lost his job gets the call over Tebow, Rex Ryan time done!
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