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Old 02-06-2013, 01:06 PM
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Default Re: According to Bill Polian...

Originally Posted by turnerfosho32 View Post
Joe Flacco and Andy Dalton had very similar seasons in the regular season this year. Dalton threw several more touchdowns and Flacco threw several less interceptions. Pretty equal QB rating, Dalton slightly better completion percentage, Flacco slightly more yards. Flacco had been middle of the road for a long while now, and a lot of people were saying that Baltimore should find another QB as he wasn't "elite". Hell they were doing the same thing with Eli before the first AND second time he won a Super Bowl. I think Dalton's numbers compare well to quite a few of those QBs listed...and hopefully Dalton will continue to improve and grow as he gets more experience and we add more pieces around him (hopefully, we got cap room).
This it doesnt matter what the general perception of your QB is what matters is how they play that season or the next. And more than just a QB.. I wonder if the outcome would be different if Gresham was able to hang on to a few of those drive killing drops in the playoff game.

Or if Sanu and B Scott didnt get injured. Lost wharton before the season started. Most of our D was banged up to start the season. (if the D had been at 100% all year Dalton would have received the ball with better field position and the offense may have been able to do more.)

Offense carried this team the first half of last season and the D the 2nd half why because how the season went D kept getting healthier while the Offense was getting banged up.

give dalton a few more years As AJ green comes into his prime and Sanu and M Jones develope... A New home run threat @ RB.... and continue the Defensive domination.
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Old 02-06-2013, 02:54 PM
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Default Re: Polian's 2013 Free Agent Rankings

Originally Posted by momadance02 View Post
Man, it's sickening to see MJ on there.
I think it is great that we have some guys rated high. The ball is in our court with MJ and Andre Smith. Hopefully, they are both a priority, Hopefully we can get one signed so if we want to tag one, we can do that as well.
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Old 02-06-2013, 03:50 PM
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Default Re: Polian's 2013 Free Agent Rankings

Originally Posted by momadance02 View Post
Man, it's sickening to see MJ on there.
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Old 02-08-2013, 08:53 PM
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Default Re: According to Bill Polian...

Comedy Gold
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Old 02-08-2013, 09:14 PM
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Default Re: According to Bill Polian...

What a clown....Dont teams a A tier FAs usually care at all about losing that player?
Go Cavs, Go Bengals, Go Taraji P. Henson!!!

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