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Old 02-10-2013, 09:09 AM
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Default Re: I'm a Bengals Fan who watched very little of the Super Bowl

Originally Posted by fortyyearfan View Post
Hey khamal,the ravens got that game handed to them in the end with a no-call by the refs on a holding call by the ravens jimmy smith holding crabtree so he couldn;t catch the winning touchdown for the niners.Their head coach, Jim Harbaugh went nuts as he should, because that no-call on clearly holding by the ravens cost the niners this game.It was so obvious by anyone that watch this game that he was holding his arms so he couldn't catch the picking ball. That should have been pass-interverercne and was not called.It was horrible.You simply cannot touch a receiver pass the five yd line and he was getting manhandled in the ENDZONE and the refs did not call it.Can you even imagine if that was the ravens getting that no-call against them.They would have had to put John Harbaugh in jail, he would have went crazy.The niners should have won that game. That no-call cost them 7 points and the SUPERBOWL.GO FIGURE.i DO NOT CARE FOR EITHER TEAM, BUT COME ON MAN.THAT WAS CLEARLY A PENTALY NOT CALLED WITH LESS THAN 2 MINUTES LEFT.You could clearly tell that John Harbaugh knew they got away with it.He was watching his bother go nuts about that call and the first thing Jim Harbaugh said during his post press conference with about that no=call.It just *****.I do not trust the refs and never have.It was super clear they bought into the hype of getting old raylewis his ring.
Ever heard of paragraphs??

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Old 02-10-2013, 12:50 PM
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Default Re: I'm a Bengals Fan who watched very little of the Super Bowl

Originally Posted by fortyyearfan View Post
I watched all of the game and even taped it for the future breakdowns. Here is my take on this superbowl.Before I start slamming the ravens and they will deserve it,they were given this superbowl in my opinion.Here is why!!! Granted, they outplayed the niners most of the game. But the niners SHOULD HAVE WON THIS GAME.WHY YOU ASKED???When there was about one and a half minutes left in regular time, the niners were on the 5 yd line with 1st and goal.If they score here, they go up ahead of the ravens.The first two trys the ravens D stuffed them.Next Colin threw a pass to crabtree, his receiver on the right side and he was interfered with by ed reed and co. no call by the refs.Next it was, I believe 4th and goal and colin threw a quick pass to crabtree in the corner of the endzone and he was being manhandled by Jimmy Smith, the ravens defender pass the 5 yd.Actually, it was in the endzone and he was being held around his arms by him and the ref did not call it.It was unbelievable and Jim Harbaugh went crazy.It was so clear he was being held and for no call I just cannot believe it.Phil Simms, the anchor for the network said that call would be debated for years. It was extremely clear to me that was a big-time pass interference call and it should have been called with a 1st and goal on the one foot line.The niners would have went up on the dirty birds and won this game.Again, a bad no-call by the refs.Think about this,those refs bought into,lets give old killer ray lewis another ring.Makes me sick.For real, the niners got robbed in this game.It was extremly clear that was a terrible no-call.Makes you wonder how many games throughout the year is truly FIXED.Would love to hear from others that watched this horrible no-call. It costed the niners the game and the first thing out of Jim Harbaughs mouth during his post-press conference was exactly about this terrible no-call.It so stinks.Hated to see it end like this.I am admitting the ravens outplayed the niners most of the game, but when its all over, its who has the most points, and the niners were robbed of 7 points when it counted the most.Even John Harbaugh realized his team got away with one and you could see it from him at end of game.His brother was going crazy on the sidelines. Can you imagine if that would have happened to the ravens coaching staff???"?
you sound like a 40yearbaby
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