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Old 10-17-2012, 12:05 PM
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Default Excited and things that need to be corrected

I can say without a doubt that despite the bad, I am really excited. We have a young promising quarterback and a stud of a wide receiver. We have a lot of other young promising players and a very talented tight end if he can get his head fully in the game. Not to mention that we have an above average defense when they play at the level that they should play at. There are just a few things that need fixed and they are as followed....

1. Dalton needs to be more patient and not force throws. I know that not all of the interceptions are entirely his fault, but he needs to make better decisions as well. I fully believe that he can fix this problem and if that's the only issue I have with him at this time, I think we will be fine.
2. We absolutely need some form of a running game. I don't care if they need to bring somebody off of the street, we need someone that his hungry.
3. Gresham needs to get his head in the game. I fully believe that he can be a top 5 tight end if he plays up to his talent but for whatever reason he has yet to show it.
4. Gruden needs to find a number 2 receiver to help Dalton out. With Gresham struggling and no number 2 option, he has had to force a lot of passes. I think my number 1 comment will fix itself if we get a number 2 option. We have two potential number 2's that we don't even use in Sanu and Jones. Use them!

1. The pass rush has to be more consistent. Our run defense has gotten much better, but the pass rush has diminished. Zimmer needs to find consistency between the two.
2. Coverage absolutely has to get better. Adam Jones needs to be played more alongside Leon. Newman seems to give up the big play quite a bit. He has played well at points, but the plays he gives up seem to be huge. Zimmer also needs to put Clement back at safety, it's just not working. I would rather stick with Mays at this point.
3. Our linebackers have been decent that last couple of weeks, I would like to see them be more consistent. Burfict has been really good, but outside of him we could stand for some improved play.

1. We need to be more aggressive with our play calling. The short passes will work, but not when you do them 47 times a game,
2. As for the defense. I don't want to say we need to be more aggressive, because that would probably cause us to give up more plays. However, we do need to be aggressive at certain points. There are times that we are giving the opposing quarterback way too much time in the pocket. Most of the defensive problems fall squarely on the lack of talent in the defensive backfield. We need to find ways that we can mask that problem.

I don't think we are a bad team, but I don't think we are an outstanding team either. We are middle of the pack with the talent to move up a bit. That talent has to click and has to be recognized. Sanu and Jones should be given chances to shine, it can't get any worse that we've had. That's just my two cents. I tend to sit back and comment, but I had some things to get off of my chest.
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Old 10-17-2012, 03:53 PM
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Default Re: Excited and things that need to be corrected

Marvin on average is a 7-9 coach over the last 9 seasons. He is what he is and his teams will always be about average. Once or twice he will have a good season, which is discounted by an equally bad season. The rest is middle of the road crap. It's a shame because, and to quote, The bengal fans "Don't have to live like this".
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